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Wondering what’s happening next in the housing market? What product you should build? How to expand your business successfully? Then this is the event for you!

If you have not witnessed an Elliot Eisenberg experience, this is not to be missed!  If you have, then you know how significant this event is!

This is no ordinary boring lecture about dry economic trends and what to expect from our industry this year. This will be the most insightful, engaging, humorous and essential conveyance of Colorado -focused industry indicators that will refocus your business strategies for 2019 and on!

President and Chief Economist of Graphs and Laughs, LLC, and known as the “Bowtie” Economist, Elliot will dart around the room instigating side-splitting laughter while enlightening his audience with critical industry insight. Elliot will specifically address the Colorado market in comparison to national trends.

Join us on Tuesday, October 29,2019 at 10 am at The Pinery at the Hill – 775 W Bijou St, Colorado Springs, CO.

Brought to you by:

Builders Capital, HBA of Colorado Springs & Gold Hill Mesa Master Planned Community