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Builders Capital has launched the Broker Portal, a new proprietary technology that changes the private construction lending field, opening the lending pipeline for thousands of loan brokers and potentially accelerating construction projects nationwide.

When Builders Capital was launched in 2009, it immediately provided builders with an alternative source for funds as the economic crash threatened the industry. 

Over the years, the organization has expanded to offer a full suite of construction loan products, focusing on ground-up construction. Its proprietary loan servicing platform streamlines the customer experiences through draws, inspections, and payoffs. As Builders Capital continues to evolve, the need for brokers to have a sense of branding autonomy while having the financial backing to conduct business emerged. Previously, brokers held the role of the middleman between borrowers and banks, taking construction loan applications to a bank, orchestrating pricing, and communicating the options to the borrower. However, the borrowers know they are not speaking directly to the source of the capital. 

“Technology is a constant in our everyday lives, and there is no question that technologies are consistently being updated to adapt to customer expectations and standards. Builders Capital is proud to bring technological advancements into the sector of private money lending,” said Robert Trent, CEO of Builders Capital. “This most recent integration to our platform will empower brokers to take charge and no longer be left on the sideline during the construction loan process.”

With this latest innovation, the product suite is now open to thousands of brokers across the country, giving them more control and a one-to-one relationship with borrowers through the entire process. Pricing requests and applications for potential new deals and opportunities can be processed 24/7, giving the broker power and eliminating the chance for a slowdown.  

From National Director of Wholesale Mark Woodbridge, “As brokers continue to be an integral part of securing financing for borrowers across the country, we recognize their role is paramount in our company’s growth. From construction, fix and flip and bridge loans, we have provided the broker community full access to a great set of products and now the technology to back it up.”

Allowing the broker to originate and sell loans as if they are the capital lender right up to closing, gives a personalized and empowered touch. It’s the best of both worlds, and the brokers can focus on the relationship with the borrower, which is the most important aspect of any transaction, while having the Builders Capital infrastructure behind them to execute on the borrower’s vision. 

 About Builders Capital

Builders Capital is one of the nation’s largest private construction lenders, offering innovative financing solutions to a broad spectrum of developers and homebuilders, from bridge, fix-and-flip, and ground-up construction, to development and attached housing. The Company maintains offices in Seattle and Puyallup, Washington, with sales offices in Boise, Denver, Colorado Springs, Vancouver, Phoenix, and Orlando. Builders Capital’s management team brings to the business over 100 years of expertise in residential construction lending, home building, real estate development, and loan servicing.  Brokers can access the portal at any time at