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What does a billion look like?

In seconds – that’s 31.4 years; nearly half of the average life span.

What does a billion look like to us?

It shows the scope and depth we have with borrowers in the marketplace.

Ever since our first loan in 2009 we’ve looked for ways to build partnerships and innovate on the construction lending process.  We’ve continuously strived to be the leader in construction lending; from building out a proprietary technology stack, to building relationships in the marketplace and assembling the right team to provide elite end to end service.      

As a result – Builders Capital has reached a milestone where we are servicing $1 Billion dollars in loans. 

That’s Billion with a B. 

In lending terms – this means we are supporting over 1,347 properties consisting of 3,641 units, with new loans being closed nationwide daily.

In relationship building terms – this means supporting the dreams and plans of a national network of builders whose goal is to support the housing needs of people across the land.

How does our focus on being the Builders Most Valued Relationship compare with your average bank or credit union?

We service 100% of the loans we originate in house, meaning no matter the size of the loan we are with you from beginning to end.  This differs from your average bank and credit union where they limit the investment in the borrower relationship.  We never giveaway servicing control of your loan, sell to third party aggregators or ignore your questions or feedback.  It means we are right there with you, the borrower, during the journey from origination, draws, to final payment, and your next project.   

How are we able to service this volume while continuing to lend more?  Builders Capital is powered by both technology and people whose common denominator is being an advocate for the borrower.  With our proprietary in-house technology, we are responding and adjusting our processes on the fly, increasing capacity while maintaining a quality experience.  Our people are industry experts that know the nuances borrowers may face and are able to work ahead on solutions. 

All of this while we continue an unprecedented era of growth in construction lending with Builders Capital leading the charge.  

Builders Capital is now servicing 1 Billion Dollars in loans.

Chris Grosser once said, “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”  That’s what we are doing at Builders Capital.  We lend in 45 states, from Cle Elum, Washington to Decatur, Georgia and all points in between.  We lend to home flippers in North Carolina all the way to large developers in California.  In addition, we support an ever-growing network of over 125 Brokers who see the value in our process to bring new opportunities to their clients. 

As we continue to expand our reach across the United States, we will stay true to our mission in being the Builders Most Valued Relationship.  We will always set our borrowers up for success, all while using our collective industry experience to continue to earn your business. 

Big Banking works in volume; Builders Capital works in relationships.

As we forge ahead to servicing 2 Billion dollars in loans, we want to thank you, the borrower, for trusting us with funding your success.   For future borrowers, we cannot wait to support your visions and dreams. 

Without you – there is no Builders Capital.