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Brandon Sebelius is a Credit Officer with Builders Capital. He’s been with the team just about a year and has more than a decade’s worth of experience in the financial industry.  Take a moment to read about Brandon’s background and time here with the team.

Tell us more about you, Brandon?

I’m originally from North Dakota and have been in Seattle for the last eight years.  My career has virtually all been in banking, starting in high school and then through college.  Once I left college, I worked as a bank examiner for the North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions.  This allowed me the chance to review processes and data from various financial institutions to ensure compliance.  When I moved to Washington, I switched into retail banking, working in audit and underwriting roles for a few institutions before ultimately landing at Builders Capital.

What made you decide to join Builders Capital?

Recruiting had reached out in November of 2020.  I was looking to make a switch and find an opportunity to use my MBA more, so when recruiting reached out, I was interested immediately.

Brandon SebeliusWhat role did you start in when you joined the team?

I joined the team as a Credit Officer and serve in that capacity to this day.

What are your primary responsibilities in your role?

My main focus is on last-mile approvals, whether that means recommending final reworks or updates before the loan going to our review committee.  This means working with Loan Officers and Transaction Coordinators where needed.  I also audit for process improvements and updates.

Since you have joined Builders Capital, what are some of the key differences you have noticed between working in traditional versus private lending?

A big one – your voice is heard, and your voice matters.  Our Loan Review Committee (LRC) hears and values input.  Our ability to find and develop creative solutions in the private space helps us find solutions for borrowers.  The pace is brisk in private but more rewarding to meet borrowers’ needs promptly.  The amount of growth is impressive, resulting from all teams working together for the borrower.

What is something you enjoy most about being at Builders Capital?

Hands down the comradery and teamwork – everyone is all-in on goals.  There is mutual respect and peer support.

What advice would you give to someone looking to work in private construction lending?

Have an open mind and be ready to adapt to an evolving market and industry.

Fun fact about you?

You know it is a serious conversation if I say it is between you, me, and the half-dead avocado tree.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Working hard pays off. Don’t be discouraged if something takes a little more effort to get done, and the diligence pays off.