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Fix and Flip Loan FAQs

What is the length of the Initial Term on your Fix and Flip Loan?

The loan can be structured as a 6, 7, 8 or 9 month loan, with the associated interest rate adjusting incrementally higher for a 9 month loan versus a 6 month loan.

What is the minimum down payment amount?

The minimum down payment is 15% of the total of the purchase price plus the rehab budget amount.

Can Fix and Flip loans be funded on purchase as well as on an already owned property/refinance transaction?

Yes, we can structure a Fix and Flip loan on an already owned property and even provide cash out at the time of funding the Fix and Flip Loan.

Are the monthly loan payments interest only payments?

Yes. Auto payments can be set up to make payments paperless.

Do you provide extensions on your Fix and Flip loans?

All our Fix and Flip Loans have a built-in extension. The extension term is for an additional 3 months at a 1% fee.

How do I extend my loan if I need more time?

If a loan extension is needed, you will pay 1% fee off the Full Loan Amount before the initial maturity date.

How many Draws can be requested in a month?

Two draws may be requested per month.

How do I request a Draw?

To request a Draw, please request your draw through the Builders Capital mobile app or visit our Fix and Flip Loan website at

How fast should I expect to receive my Draw?

Please expect to receive your Draw in 3 to 5 business days.