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Builders Capital

SEATTLE, June 15, 2021 ( – Builders Capital crossed a significant threshold in May, widening the gap in the private construction lending space with over $1,000,000,000 in its active servicing portfolio. These projects mean the creation of more than 3,641 housing units across 45 states. Builders Capital is just getting started, with plans to more than triple the available financing, enabling builders to chip away at the housing deficit this year and beyond.

Founder Curt Altig has seen the entire journey. “In May of 2009, we closed our first loan as Builders Capital. Twelve years to the month later and we have achieved a major milestone of crossing over the threshold of $1,000,000,000 in servicing. It’s an extraordinary achievement which speaks to the significance of a focused purpose, fueled by a talented group of employees who, to the person, are fully bought into delivering on our brand promise of being The Builders Most Valued Relationship.” Altig continues, “The previous 12 years of nearly continuous work, investment and innovation, coupled with historically low inventory levels on the single-family housing front nationally, have created an exceptional opportunity for Builders Capital to achieve its ultimate vision of being the preeminent Non-Bank Construction Lender in the U.S.

Builders Capital lends specifically to business entities. These are investors, builders, and developers across the nation. All loans must create housing opportunities in the United States. Builders Capital works directly with the borrower, and additionally, through a nationwide network of over 125 brokers who see the value in our process to bring new opportunities to their clients. Altig is bullish about the company’s growth plan: “Builders Capital has been clear on this opportunity since the founding of the company, and through the expansion of our products, geographic footprint, growth of our capital structure and, most importantly, the continued hiring and developing of a world-class team, we intend to fill that demand.”

How does Builders Capital’s focus on being the Builder’s Most Valued Relationship compare? The company focuses on three fundamentals:

  • Speed: Builders Capital understands the importance of getting draw funds disbursed quickly, delivering best-in-class service month over month. Prospective borrowers are always able to receive a quote in as little as five minutes
  • Service: The Builders Capital Team is with you every step of the way. From application to approval, closing and draw disbursements. The team and technology support builders around the clock. 100% of the loans originated stay in-house and are managed by the Builders Capital team.
  • Flexibility: Builders Capital understands construction and the importance of fitting the loan to the project, not the other way around.

Altig sums it up best: “Our singular focus on residential housing as a sector and homebuilders as our core customer are key elements of our success to date. There’s no ‘chicken and egg’ argument in our industry. It all starts with our borrowers.”

Builders Capital’s mission is to be the Builder’s Most Valued Relationship today and into the future. With their investment in people and technology, they have a winning formula to power builders across the United States to achieve their goals. Builders Capital is looking forward to developing new borrower and builder relationships as they scale out as the nation’s premier residential construction lender.

About Builders Capital

Builders Capital is one of the nation’s largest private construction lenders, offering innovative financing solutions to a broad spectrum of developers and homebuilders, from bridge, fix-and-flip, and ground-up construction, to development and attached housing. The Company maintains offices in Seattle and Puyallup, Washington, with sales offices in Boise, Denver, Colorado Springs, Vancouver, Phoenix, and Orlando. Builders Capital’s management team brings to the business over 100 years of expertise in residential construction lending, home building, real estate development, and loan servicing. Brokers can access the portal at any time at