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Vendor Portal

Welcome to the Builders Capital Vendor Portal! The Vendor Portal is a tool to track reimbursements and provide Builders Capital with preferred ACH Information. To receive payment via ACH, Vendors need to create a secure login and add ACH details. Builders Capital cannot send disbursements via ACH until information has been provided via the Vendor Portal.

For questions regarding payment information, Vendors will be directed to contact the Borrower or General Contractor directly. Builders Capital is not able to provide any payment specific information.

Note: Borrowers offering vendor services for other Builders Capital Borrowers will need an account on the Vendor Portal.

Email Notification: Vendors are invited to join the BC Vendor Portal through an email invitation triggered by the Borrower on the BC Portal. A sample email notification is listed below.

Navigating the BC Portal: Use the left-hand panel to access the following sections:

  • Home
  • Payments
  • Bank Accounts
  • My Account
  • My Profile
  • Sign Out

Home: The Home Page displays the number of Total Payments received, the amount of Pending Payments , and the Total Paid to the Vendor for all projects.

Payments: Use the Payments section to find a record of payments made or track the current status of payments.

Information on the Payments screen will help the vendor track the specific details of pending payments. Use the following columns to help obtain key details:

  • Borrower: Lists the name of the Borrower issuing payment.
  • Approved Amount: The amount approved for disbursement in this specific draw.
  • Payment Status:
    • Pending: The Borrower has submitted a request for payment on your behalf
    • Approved: The Borrower’s request to fund the payment has been approved by Builders Capital
    • Funded: Builders Capital has sent the payment via ACH. Note: ACH Payment take 3-5 business days to process.
  • Approved Date: The date of each Payment Status

Reminder: For questions regarding payment information, please contact the Borrower or General Contractor directly. Builders Capital is not able to provide any payment specific information.

Bank Accounts: Use the Bank Account section to manage the account used to receive ACH payments.  

Select the Add button to securely add the Bank Information.

Bank Accounts: Sections with a red asterisk are required fields.

  • Organization: The name of the Vendor
  • Is Default: When selected, this account will automatically receive all future payments.
  • Bank: Enter the name of the financial institution
  • Bank Routing: Add the routing number for the financial institution.
  • Bank Account Number: Add the bank account number for the corresponding financial institution
  • Name On Bank Account: The name of the Bank Account.
  • Save and Close when finished.

The ACH Information will be saved to the vendor account. To update at any time, navigate to the Bank Information section and select the underlined Bank name to update existing information.