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Helping Homebuilders Meet the Enormous Needs for New Housing Across the Country

Puyallup, Washington | Oct. 18, 2021 

Builders Capital announced that it closed an additional $500 million of capital this week. This milestone is being celebrated in another record year for the Puyallup, Washington based private construction lender, which expects to originate over $2.5B of residential construction loans this year. 

“This additional capital helps us continue our momentum providing much needed funding for homebuilders as they work to meet the ongoing demand for housing across the country,” said Rob Trent, CEO of Builders Capital. 

The newly secured funds will allow Builders Capital to continue innovating new builder-oriented lending solutions. A recognized leader in ground-up construction lending, Builders Capital not only offers innovative loan products and competitive rates, but also provides its customers high-quality service throughout their loan terms by servicing every loan it originates.  

“Our growth allows us to offer new products at lower costs, thereby enhancing our relationships with our builder-borrowers,” added Rob Trent. “We value feedback from these relationships and use it to design exciting new loan products such as our newly-launched Warehouse Revolving Asset Pool (W.R.A.P.) that helps our customers better address their capital needs.” 

The nation’s premier private residential construction lender, Builders Capital provides funding in several states, including many of the nation’s top housing markets.  

About Builders Capital 

Builders Capital is one of the nation’s largest private construction lenders, offering innovative financing solutions to a broad spectrum of developers and homebuilders, from bridge, fix-and-flip, and ground-up construction, to development and attached housing. The company maintains its headquarters in Puyallup, Washington, with sales offices in Boise, Colorado Springs, San Diego, Phoenix, and Orlando among others. Builders Capital’s management team brings to the business over 100 years of expertise in residential construction lending, home building, real estate development, and loan servicing. Brokers can access the portal at any time at,and direct borrowers can get a rate in less than five minutes by using an innovative and automated GETMYRATE tool at