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Here's How it Works.


Contact the BC Wholesale team to discuss our loan options and pricing. We put our innovative, creative structure to work for you!


Create a loan application and secure financing for your clients next project right away!


Gather your initial loan documents while the BC Wholesale team structures your loan to deliver the results you need.

Initial Underwriting

The underwriting team will review and validate your initial loan submission, to help get you an answer quickly.

Loan Committee

Every loan is reviewed and signed off by Loan Committee, the three principals of Builders Capital with background in lending, development and construction.


With assurance from underwriting and Loan Committee, you can finish providing the final pieces of the project details and credit documentation.


We coordinate a smooth closing with your client without any added hassle for you.


Our experienced staff will work with your clients to order inspections, fund project draws, and facilitate an efficient, speedy lending experience.