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Builders Capital is pleased to announce our relationship with Western Realty Finance. They take pride in their ability to provide innovative financing solutions to support the growth and success of their developer clients. Builders Capital works with Western Realty Finance as a correspondent lender which enables them to deliver flexible senior debt capital and contribute to the realization of extraordinary real estate projects.

Here are four featured builds Builders Capital has collaborated on with Western Realty Finance.

1. Single-Family Home Construction Loan in Laguna Hills, California

Builders Capital provided $2.38 million in funding for a new construction loan to build a 5,000 sq ft. home in Laguna Hills, CA. The developer has a unique, new method of building the walls on-site from concrete. The result will be fire-resistant and zero net energy certified.


2. Detached Homes and Townhouses in Santa Cruz, California

Builders Capital supported development and phase one of this $40 million project to build 144 detached homes and townhouses. The revolving loan can be reused once certain milestones are met over the project’s three-year timeline.


3. Townhomes in Los Angeles, California

Builders Capital funded $33 million to an experienced borrower to build 80, two and three-bedroom townhomes with beautiful amenities including granite counters, shaker cabinets, and stainless-steel appliances.


4. Luxury Homes in Palm Springs, California

Builders Capital supported phase one of this $48 million development and construction loan to build thirteen 4,000-5,000 sq. ft., luxury, detached homes in a favorable market. The financing was structured with an innovative multi-loan option that included the payoff of the prior development equity financing and work in progress at the time of funding. This resulted in an 80% LTC. No additional cash equity was required from the borrowers.


About Western Realty Finance

Western Realty Finance works closely with experienced residential developers to arrange financing for solid projects, with a minimum loan size of $10 Million. With 30 years of experience in real estate and construction finance, they know what it takes to arrange a successful development financing package.