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The NAHB International Builders Show is coming to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL this week. It provides an opportunity for construction professionals across the country to learn more about the industry and inspire one another. Builders Capital is excited to have a presence at the show for the first time.

We took a moment to sit down with Curt Altig, Founder of Builders Capital, and Travis Dodge, Chief Technology Officer of Builders Capital and Founder of BIMQuote and They shared their perspective on the industry and what they are looking forward to at the show.

From founding the company in 2009 to having over 100 employees and a record-breaking year in 2021, what are you most excited about for Builders Capital moving forward? 

Curt Altig: To continue our mission of being the builder’s most valued relationship. We think of our business as an ecosystem and developing a comprehensive platform for builders excites me most. In this industry, both on the production side of the way homes are built and the way things are financed, the world of technology has massively advanced the way we do things. The addition of BIMQuote and to our product suite at Builders Capital brings such value to our borrowers and builders across the nation. 

What will attendees gain from visiting the Builders Capital booth? 

Curt Altig: Builders will have the opportunity to see the latest value offerings Builders Capital has to offer. We will be introducing our new loan product The W.R.A.P. (Warehouse Revolving Asset Pool) on a national stage. It is a highly unique loan offering in the private lending space and a significant advancement in product innovation. 

Additionally, they will have the opportunity to meet Travis Dodge, founder, and creator of BIMQuote and, and interact with the new construction technology. This software has taken technology deep into the residential framework of construction. By giving our borrowers access to this software, it brings them significant cost savings on every project.

What other industry professionals are you hoping to meet and engage with at International Builders Show? 

Curt Altig: The show provides a great opportunity to meet our borrowers face to face, meet new production builders, multi-family developers, and material providers. We see the opportunity to further develop our relationship with material providers and distributors and pass on those benefits to our end client, the borrower.

international builders show
Travis Dodge, Chief Technology Officer, & Curt Altig, Founder of Builders Capital

What issues do BIMQuote and solve for builders? 

Travis Dodge: Our mission at BIMQuote is to make it as easy to build a home on vacant land as it is to buy an existing home; while becoming the technologist for the small businesses that construct them.

Before BIMQuote, smaller builders didn’t have access to the technological tools to be able to scale their business and adapt to the market in the way it’s going. If they utilize BIMQuote in any capacity they will have better technology than what the major production builders are using. Not technology that is on par, but superior, and at a fraction of the cost, and if they use Builders Capital for financing it’s free.

BIMQuote provides a place where everything is streamlined from the design all the way through and saves thousands in salary. For example, a designer who understands just the modeling has an average salary that is higher than the average salary of a general contractor, and that is just one of the roles that BIMQuote fills. It provides great cost savings to builders while giving them the ability to scale their business. 

What can people expect to see at the Builders Capital booth?

Travis Dodge: Attendees can expect to see the value propositions of and BIMQuote as the software are being demoed in real-time. They will learn what the technology can do under the umbrella of all of the innovative financial products at Builders Capital. 

What can Builders leverage by seeing the software in person at the show? 

Travis Dodge: Builders are adept at using their own two hands to build physical structures for a living, so any opportunity to get hands-on experience navigating one of these models or clicking and constructing one onscreen brings great benefits. At the show, they get to see, touch, and interact with the software in person and get up to speed on the technology.

The International Builders Show is our first time introducing these components of our product suite on a national stage. If you’re at the show this week, come stop by our Booth W6253. We’d love to meet you face to face. If you’d like to learn more about our WRAP loan product or the new construction technology contact us here and a representative will reach out to you.