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The 2022 International Builders Show was a catalyst for endless inspiration and innovation last week. More than 45,000 attendees came to see the latest products, network with their peers, and learn from industry experts in more than 110 educational sessions. Builders Capital was happy to be one of over 800 exhibitors at the show. Here’s what we witnessed while participating for the first time.  

Inspiring Trends in the Industry 

The show provides a tremendous opportunity for builders to be inspired by industry experts. Here are some key takeaways from professionals at the show: 

In a session about right-sizing properties, expert panelists encouraged builders to think within the box instead of outside the box. In a time when housing affordability is so hindered, it is important to find ways to make a space multifunctional. In the past, we’ve made houses bigger to accommodate the ways people live in their homes which also ultimately means more expensive to the buyer. 

During an education session “The Big Rethink: Cities After COVID”, panelists encouraged builders to think of how the pandemic has shifted the way people live and how it will impact real estate long term. One example is quick commerce, shopping online, and having goods quickly delivered directly to you.  Consumer demand indicates that this type of commerce will last long beyond the pandemic.  

Affordable housing is getting increasingly harder to access across the United States. Builders are working hard to keep up with demand, but they can continue to alleviate this problem by focusing on attainability, efficiency & sustainability. 

  • Attainability- look for new ways to drive more quality into the building process through speed and execution that will ultimately increase accessibility. 
  • Efficiency- identify ways to optimize business and recognize how to eliminate waste. Stop trying to please all homebuyers, focus on one market, and serve them well.  
  • Sustainability- look for solutions that aren’t quick fixes but will affect long-term change that can be repeated. 

Builders Capital Cultivates Relationships at the International Builders Show 

In addition to meeting dedicated and hard-working builders from across the country, we also met some of the material suppliers that provide the resources to get the job done.  At Builders Capital, we recognize that our builder-borrowers all together make up the sixth-largest homebuilder in the nation.  This comes with extensive buying strength from our borrowers which will put a significant amount of money back into the economy this year.  

The BIMQuote team engaged with material providers to help cultivate relationships with national suppliers.  BIMQuote will enable builders to benefit from procurement power from supply relationships across the entire country.  With these relationships in place, BIMQuote will generate a material takeoff and connect builders directly to a manufacturer who can deliver the products directly to the job site.   

Overall, it was a great experience attending the International Builders Show.  We look forward to working on future projects with those we met at the show and continuing to innovative solutions for the construction industry. 

About Builders Capital   

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