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The Builders Capital Wholesale Division will be attending the Pitbull Conference in Key Biscayne, FL, on Monday, March 28th. The conference is seen as one of the premier destinations for brokers, capital providers, and capital advisory firms to connect and access a high caliber of resources.

Mark Woodbridge, National Director of Wholesale, will be speaking on the Private Lenders Panel. He will be sharing actionable items for brokers to takeaway regarding construction, fix and flip and bridge loans.

He plans to deliver a clear understanding of:

  • what opportunities currently exist in the market
  • how to identify quality construction loans
  • how to put together a successful transaction

In advance of the conference, we took a moment to sit down with Mark and talk about his vision for the Wholesale Team and what initiatives they are looking to accomplish.

What are some of the upcoming objectives that the Wholesale Team is looking to accomplish?

The Builders Capital Wholesale Team focuses our attention on enhancing the relationships with brokers around the country. We continually work to optimize our loan process and technology to support our broker relationships.

What value would you say that Builders Capital Wholesale delivers to our brokers versus other organizations?

Builders Capital is unique with the products we offer and the people on our team. Our team is doing incredible things in the builder financing space. Our Wholesale Department is an exceptional group of professionals who are knowledgeable, highly motivated, and passionate about their work.

Our All-In-One Loan in the Builders Capital product suite sets us apart. It provides the financing solution from development through vertical construction and gives them an advantage of time and cost savings.

What advice would you give brokers to assist their clients in this inflationary economy?

I would encourage brokers to seek out education on those topics actively.  Actively engage with your clients, identify the challenges they face, and provide them with education and resources on these topics. Attend conferences like Pitbull to expand your knowledge and utilize resources like the National Association of Home Builders to stay updated on supply chain issues, market demand, and inventory levels. Most importantly, avoid getting too transactional, don’t let your clients become a number, work hard to develop authentic relationships behind each deal.

Any last words you’d like to share?

At Builders Capital, we seek to bring value. We understand what’s happening in the market and the risk to builders and investors. We assist brokers in putting their clients in the best position possible while placing them with the best financing possible.