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Traditionally, residential construction has been a manual and time-consuming process; it is, after all, brick and mortar. The construction industry has seen improvements but building a home from acquisition through development is still a lengthy process that lags behind in digitization.

Construction technology offers the solutions to alleviate time-intensive projects. It is the answer for small builders looking to scale their construction business. Read on to learn what types of construction technology are available and how they can increase efficiency both on and off-site.

How New Construction Technology Has Evolved Over the Years

Technology in construction has come a long way. Enhancements have been made in three key areas of building: design, materials, and process improvements.

Architectural Design:

Artificial Intelligence has transformed project plans from 2d prints to 3d renderings. This technology allows for changes to be made within minutes instead of days or weeks.

Construction Materials:

Materials have seen tremendous enhancements over the years. Experts have identified more cost effective and sustainable products for both builders and homeowners.

Building Process Improvements:

The use of robotics has reduced the amount of human labor needed on construction sites and decreased project timelines. One example is the use of robotic arms to install drywall. This process has decreased installation time from an average of 7 days down to just 2 days. It also lowers the possibility of human error and increases construction site safety.

Innovative Construction Technology Tools to Use On-Site:

Project Management Tool: Construction management via email, phone calls, and texts are only sustainable on a few projects. However, multiple projects become manageable with the use of a competent project management tool.

The BIMQuote Project Management Platform streamlines communications for general contractors, material providers, subcontractors, and owners. They can all access real-time data on project updates and milestones. They can communicate on the platform and access documents, contracts, and invoices all in one place. This saves time for all parties involved and removes opportunities for errors.

Material Takeoffs: The broken supply chain is currently a significant pain point for construction businesses. Eliminate delays on-site by utilizing technology that provides material takeoffs.

The BIMQuote software generates accurate Quantity Takeoffs (QTOs) that are shared directly with contractors, subcontractors, and material providers. It provides an estimation platform that allows material providers to create more accurate estimates. Builders can use QTOs to order materials in time and schedule subcontractors accordingly.

Visualization Tools: The days of needing to be an architectural engineer to understand construction plans are over. In the software, all parties can view 3D renderings and walk through the project online. Custom finish selection enables buyers to look at upgrades directly on the site. They can see what the new finishes look like, and change orders without delaying the project.

Benefits of Cutting-Edge Construction Technology Solutions

Building construction technology offers benefits to all parties involved by allowing them to:

  • Circumnavigate Extreme Weather Conditions- Digital twins (virtual models designed to accurately reflect a physical object) help to mitigate risk around weather delays by simulating processes, timelines and workflows.
  • Alleviates Labor Unpredictability and Shortages- Over 150 professionals are needed to complete a construction project. Technology assists the labor force in productivity.
  • Improve Efficiency of Daily Operations- Construction tech strengthens the collaboration on each job site. It coordinates subcontractors’ schedules with the delivery of materials. Professionals no longer face the obstacles of waiting around for materials to arrive or inspections to be completed.
  • Communication With Homebuyers- Owners no longer need to feel removed from the construction process. They will be much more involved in the home building process through updates on milestones. They can also make custom finish selections in the project management suite. This cuts down on the questions and inquiries builders need to field.
  • Increases Profit Margins- The biggest benefit by far is the ability for small construction businesses to scale and experience larger profit margins. Technology allows small construction companies to use better forecasting and finish projects expediently resulting in larger profits.

Modern technology used in building construction has evolved into the 21st century. Utilize these tools to experience increased efficiency on-site and larger profit margins for your small construction business. Builders Capital offers complimentary use of BIMQuote and with every construction loan.

Smaller construction companies now have access to the technology larger nationwide builders use without having to purchase 15 different types of software. Look at our product suite and learn more about how you can access construction technology for your next project.