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Builders Capital is pleased to announce that Weyerhaeuser wood products are available through BIMQuote and their National relationships. Builders Capital borrowers have the opportunity to receive exclusive cost savings on Weyerhaeuser wood products when they place their material orders through BIMQuote.

Weyerhaeuser provides value-added solutions that enhance performance, safety and profitability for builders, dealers, specifiers and homeowners. From its superior products to unparalleled support, Weyerhaeuser is a trusted source for advancing construction.

Before you choose a floor framing system for your next project, learn why builders are choosing TJI® Joists over open web floor trusses.

TJI Joists over open web floor trusses

When choosing floor framing systems, builders should carefully evaluate the total cost, and construction efficiencies that come along with using Weyerhaeuser’s Trus Joist® TJI® joists versus open web floor trusses. While trusses may appear cost-effective upfront, a comprehensive analysis reveals the significant benefits that TJI® joists provide.

Open Web Trusses

Going Deep Isn’t Always Cheaper

A common mantra is “deeper is cheaper” when it comes to floor framing depths. The idea is that increasing the specified depth, for example from 9.5″ to 11.875″, allows using less expensive joist series or wider on-center spacing to achieve comparable performance at a lower cost. However, this rule-of-thumb has limits.

Many truss manufacturers design floor trusses in the 16″-20″ depth range. While these deeper depths allow trusses to be spaced at 24’’ on-center using lower grade lumber truss components, the significantly deeper trusses create ancillary costs. Taller walls require more materials like sheathing, drywall, and insulation. Stair construction is impacted. Even exterior finishes can be affected.

Factor in costs beyond the floor framing

One Midwest builder compared an 18″ truss to an 11.875″ TJI® joist option on a recent home model. Factoring in costs beyond just floor framing, they found over $800 in savings with the shallower TJI® joists by reducing the amount of spray foam, one stair tread, some siding, a few sheets of wall sheathing, and the garage wall studs coming down from 12’ to 10’.

Total Cost is Key, Not Just the Floor Package

This real-world example highlights why builders are increasingly evaluating the total constructed cost, not just comparing floor packages. Deeper trusses provide upfront savings but create downstream costs in materials and labor across multiple trades.

TJI® joists in the 9.5″-16″ depth range avoid these extraneous costs while providing other benefits like long lengths, versatile holes for mechanicals, and trimming flexibility. The lightweight design allows easier installation too.

More Than Just Cost Savings

While cost is the prime motivator, TJI® joists provide other architectural and construction advantages over trusses:

    • No need to work around obstructions like draft-stopping or ribbons
    • Lighter in weight than trusses, making installation much easier
    • Versatile hole locations as TJI joists can accommodate mechanical holes up to 24” wide
    • Field trimmable to be easily adapted because mistakes and changes happen
    • Easy damage evaluation with technical documentation
    • Fast delivery with in-stock availability
    • Support for remodels/additions
    • A lifetime warranty
Trus Joist TJI joists preferred floor framing solution

By considering total costs, design flexibility, construction efficiencies, and long-term performance, more builders are seeing the value in Trus Joist® TJI® joists as the preferred floor framing solution over open web trusses.

Ready to Save on Weyerhaeuser Wood Products?

For over a century, Weyerhaeuser has been innovating building solutions. Its portfolio includes the renowned Trus Joist® line of engineered wood products like TJI® joists, TimberStrand® LSL, Parallam® PSL and Microllam® LVL. The company also offers high-performance Structural OSB panels such as Edge Gold® and cutting-edge lumber technologies.

Learn how BIMQuote technology can help you save money on the purchase of Weyerhaeuser wood products and hundreds of other building materials when you close your construction loan with Builders Capital. Contact your Builders Capital sales rep today!

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