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Private Lending for Builders and Developers

We’re proud to celebrate that we’ve been in business for 15 years. In that time, we’ve offered unique private lending solutions to builders and developers nationwide. Our goal is to be the Builder’s Most Valued Relationship every day and we honor that commitment by providing top-level service and solutions that meet the needs of private home builders.

Washington Single-Family Custom Home Project

With an outlined budget of $205,000 to build this single-family residence in Washington State, our borrower is projected to save* $48,119 on material costs by purchasing their building materials through BIMQuote. These savings passed through to the bottom line, making this project significantly more profitable and attractive.

 Custom Single-Family Home in Washington

Cost Savings on Material from the Ground Up

These are the categories our borrower chose for their custom single-family home project. BIMQuote offers hundreds of top brands in categories from electrical fixtures and wiring, to framing lumber and hardware, even vinyl and tile flooring. Wondering who the supplier partners are? See a complete list here.

Categories Cost Savings
Electrical Fixtures & Wiring 76%
Framing Lumber & Hardware 65%
Vinyl / Tile Flooring 62%
Roofing 52%
Carpet 43%
Interior Doors & Trim 39%
Countertops & Backsplashes 37%
Interior Paint 31%
Insulation 29%
Drywall 29%
Plumbing 23%
HVAC 13%
Exterior Paint 8%
Trusses 6%

44% Saved on Material Costs

This project is estimated to save 44% on material costs when completed. Although material categories can vary, we’ve seen an average of 15% cost savings on materials purchased through the BIMQuote. This project surpassed the average and saw 44% savings on the build of this single-family home.

Single family home saved on material costs

We Pay the Material Deposits

Another advantage of purchasing materials through BIMQuote as a Builders Capital borrower, is that we make the material deposits for you. This is a great way to help with project cash flow and one of the many advantages of becoming a Builders Capital borrower.

Get a Quote on Building Materials

We’d love to help you save money on the purchase of materials for your next construction project. Contact a Builders Capital sales rep today to learn more and get started.

Download the project case study.

*Cost savings are estimated based on actual bids from other suppliers, if available, or cost savings against original approved build budget.

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