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The Complete Package for Private Builders

Builders Capital is leveling the playing field for private builders by offering their clients fully modeled, residential home designs and building plans that include quantity takeoffs by region. These benefits are available through two technology platforms, the most tech-enabled residential design platform available, and BIMQuote, a complete modeling, project management and procurement solution. Together these tools can help shorten the preconstruction window dramatically with streamlined communication, project definition, and budgeting to help ensure the project is financially sound from the beginning.


Modeled building plans for custom residential home construction


Residential Home Designs with Custom Options

How does work? First, select the exterior design style. Second, choose the model that best fits the project parameters. Third, modify the exterior and interior selections in real time to create a custom project. The result is a submittable set of residential home designs, as well as a site plan, with an option to engineer.

Watch this Video to See How Easy it is to Use offers 14 different design exterior styles standard, which can be further customized to fit any preference with the in-house design team. The material changes can be visualized in real-time for aesthetic designs on both the exterior and interior of each room, making it a remarkable tool for value engineering a project to suitable build costs. The layout can also be modified to address lot dimensions, site slope, and grade, as no two lots are the same.


Estimated Construction Build Costs – An Industry First

During the design phase, shows an estimated build cost based on the materials and options selected. The labor aspect is estimated using proprietary regional data. Once all selections are determined and the design is complete, you’ll receive localized material costs organized by phase and cost code provided in detailed, quantity takeoffs. This is provided through the integration with This is an industry first! No other building plan software offers this complete service.


BIM models for home building


Shorten the Preconstruction Window

Preconstruction can take months to finalize before actual construction work begins. The tools from and BIMQuote shorten the preconstruction window dramatically. Through the proprietary modeling process, an integrated budget tool uses regional data on labor and the materials selected by the Builder to create accurate budgets by cost code. This industry-leading tool provides homebuilders access to summarized costs associated with their design choices in real-time.


Software for construction projects tracking and staying on schedule


Material Order Rebate Program for Construction Loans

Builders Capital will rebate the cost of home plans purchased through for those participating in the Material Order Rebate (MOR) Program. The costs are credited against the loan origination fee when financed through Builders Capital, another first of its kind in the building industry.

Learn more and see complete details about the revolutionary new Builders Capital MOR program that helps clients save money on construction loans.